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Have you ever thought about the future of human evolution? We have heard a lot of mutant lives and futuristic inventions stories. Although the future is yet to be determined but we all can agree on one thing that digital technologies are now a part of human’s life in modern society.

For general people, most of us are familiar with these technologies as a consumer who use commercial products. The questions about how we can use digital technologies as an inventor or a designer may raise up from time to time in our mind.  People who do not have a background in computer programming or any related fields may wonder how they can work with these technologies to benefit their business or personal life.

Tuangkamol Thongborisute, a 27-year-old artist who holds degrees from Silpakorn University and UCLA’s Design | Media Arts, is one of many people that curious about digital technologies and decided to integrate them with her creativity. Tuangkamol was a painter before shifted to be a new-media artist. She has been creating many artworks in the digital interaction realm.

“My work can be seen mostly as an interaction art and, many times, as an installation art too. I usually work with computer programing, electronics, game engines, and some fabrication. My art pieces mostly are designed to be physically interactable” explained Tuangkamol.

“Digital Sense” is Tuangkamol’s recent amusing art project that shows how interactive digital technologies can integrate into the physical world. Two innovative creations are produced as part of this project called “Social Media without the Internet” and “Signal Moods.”

Tuangkamol says, “Social Media without the Internet is a blazer that embed with social media’s typical functions. A person who wears this blazer can collect data like what a user does in social media platforms. These data are ‘likes,’’ ‘friends,’ ‘following,’ and ‘followers.’ They can be ‘unfriended’ and ‘unliked’ as well. The Internet is not necessary here because every interaction happens with the physical presence of the wearer using their hands to socialize. After showing this piece and performed in public, I’ve experienced many delicate and interesting issues of humans interactions between the digital and physical world.”

For “Signal Moods,” a sound interactive sculpture, it comes with a program to synthesize audio from Twitter in real-time. The program collect tweets from Twitter and translate them into musical chords based on the musical theory and linguistic research database. The art piece provides us a new way to perceive one of the most popular social media in the world with our ears.

The advancement of New-media art in our modern society opens the door for art and science people to express their creativities for the world. Quality artworks do not only live inside the galleries anymore and can combine with multiple knowledge fields. When art spreads its arms to the public, it can dawn on general people in so many ways.

Learn more about Digital Sense project and see Tuangkamol’s artworks at www.tuangstudio.com, or follow her Instagram and Facebook Page at @tuangstudio.